Cultural Center of Balkans



Slovenia lies on the west of Balkans. In the north it borders with Austria, in the west with Italy, in the east with Hungary and in the south with Croatia.


Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia - the Balkan’s country of castles, picturesque and dynamic city of parks and full of surprises - for centuries managed to maintain friendly and relaxed atmosphere of a small town. This region is characterized by the traditional hospitality, diverse nature, pleasing small cities, castles, country churches with rich artistic heritage and quality restaurants with local dishes.

Hiking in Slovenia – Green, how I want you green

Slovenia is one of the Europe’s greenest nations, with 58 percent of its ground covered by forest. Two of the twelve European long-distance footpaths, created by the European Ramblers’ Association, intersect the country. Stunning sceneries, Alpine meadows, lakes, river canyons and valleys, seaside, mountain huts, together with glimpses of animals and birdlife, all is on offer to the hikers.

River Soča Valley – Place to connect with the nature

The valley of the River Soča personifies all that is important to Slovenes – their deep connection with nature. Traditionally, for the inhabitants of this “green” country, nature occupies an important part of personal identity, so they spend a lot of time outdoors. The Soča Valley offers numerous opportunities to meet these needs fully.