Cultural Center of Balkans



The Republic of Montenegro is located in Southeastern Europe. From the north it borders with Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the west Croatia, Albania in the south and Serbia in the north.


Podgorica - Balkan city whose rich and tumultuous history is reflected in its five names (Birziminium, Alata, Ribnica Podgorica and Titograd) that best describe all the steps that Montenegro took to become one of the most attractive countries on the Balkans today.

Durmitor – Eyes of the mountain

Durmitor is today a famous tourist spot in the region. As the centre of Montenegrin mountain tourism, it attracts skiers and snowboarders in the winter, and hikers and climbers in the summer. For those inclined towards extreme water sports, the Tara River Gorge is widely renowned as an excellent rafting location, offering stunning views and challenging rapids to fans of the discipline.

Mimosa Festival (Herceg Novi) - Carnival of the sun born in the polar night

At the start of January the Bay of Kotor flows in a dance of silence, sea and sun. And already in February arrive masks, fests and feasts of fish and wine. Legend has it that the builders spotted a beautiful flower on the territory of today’s Herceg Novi and decided to build next to it, making sure not to damage a single petal.