Cultural Center of Balkans



The Republic of Bulgaria is situated in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula and faces the Black Sea. In the north it borders with Romania, in the west with countries of the former Yugoslavia and in the south with Greece and Turkey.


Sofia is the capital and largest city of Bulgaria which is located in the Sofia valley of river Iskar basin, at the altitude of 540 meters. Established seven thousand years ago, Sofia is the second oldest city in Europe. Throughout history it had several names and the remains of the old city can still be seen.

Bulgarian gastronomy – All the tastes of tradition

This country that’s known for its yoghurt and cheese has much to offer the gastronomic map of the world. From pies that melt in the mouth to marmalade made of roses, every Bulgarian dish is part of a cultural heritage passed down from generation to generation.

Rose Valley

Bulgarian rose fields produce an annual yield of up to 600 litres of rose oil, for which perfume producers pay up to €4,000 per litre