Cultural Center of Balkans

Interesting facts

The glorious history of Serbian caviar

From food for paupers, to a luxurious delicacy. Serbian caviar, which was eaten by the fishermen of the Danube for centuries, gained wide repute with the arrival of Russian emigrants, and even reached as far as the Titanic and Dynasty.

Underground amusement - Salina Turda

According to Business Insider magazine in 2013, one of the 25 gems hidden around the world.

Winter fairy tale at the Belgrade Waterfront

From 15th December and for the following month, Belgraders and their guests are awaited by the most beautiful holiday in the most joyous period of the year.

Mimosa Festival (Herceg Novi) - Carnival of the sun born in the polar night

At the start of January the Bay of Kotor flows in a dance of silence, sea and sun. And already in February arrive masks, fests and feasts of fish and wine. Legend has it that the builders spotted a beautiful flower on the territory of today’s Herceg Novi and decided to build next to it, making sure not to damage a single petal.