Cultural Center of Balkans

Cultural heritage

Manasija monastery - Medieval centre of art and culture

Located about 130 kilometers south of Belgrade, Manasija monastery is notable because of an unusual feature - its fortification. Designed to capably defend and protect the monastery settlement, this characteristic makes it a unique monastery-fortress hybrid. The monastery itself, dedicated to the Holy Trinity, is part of the Morava school the lattermost style of medieval Serbian architecture.

Romuliana - Place with a tumultuous history

The archeological site, added to the UNESCO World Heritage List under the name “Gamzigrad - Romuliana, Palace of Galerius”, was a palace compound and memorial complex commissioned by Emperor Galerius in 298, after he won glory in battle against the Persians.

The Monastery of Ostrog

The great reverence for the saint and miraculous healer Saint Basil has made the Ostrog Monastery one of the most important and most famous shrines of Serbian people.