Cultural Center of Balkans


Magnificent monument оf Stefan Nemanja

After eight centuries, Stefan Nemanja is once again among the citizens of Belgrade, as the monument to this great man stands proudly on Sava Square and there is no doubt that it will amaze you with its monumentality. This square has 20,000 square meters and 250 new trees have been planted on it. And that's how Stefan Nemanja will look at the street that stretches from Sava Square to Slavija Square and bears his name.

Maiden's Tower on the Bosphorus

On one side is Rumelia and on the other is Anatolia, to the south is the Marble Sea, and to the north is the Black Sea. And, in the middle of the restless Bosphorus, the Maiden's Tower shines on the islet, and wherever the view reaches is the posing Istanbul, the world's only city to sprawl across two continents, colorful, noisy, fragrant, unique...

Belgrade’s most romantic spots

It’s not hard to express love in Belgrade, and every point can become “that place of yours”. Still, some seemingly ordinary places have, over time, become favourite romantic spots in our city.

The remarkable charisma of Belgrade's Cathedral Church

Continuing conservation and renewal efforts allow one of Serbia's holiest edifices to shine in full splendor.