Cultural Center of Balkans


Milena Pavlović Barili

In numerous monographs and art history books she is ascribed the epithet of a wonder-child and a multitalented painter who also wrote poetry, but those same works, sometimes seemingly intentionally, omitted any details about her engagements in fashion, which were extremely rich. This is also supported by the fact that she is the only Serbian artist to have ever illustrated famous magazine ‘Vogue’.

The Serbian way of gourmet heating

It’s impossible to imagine a winter spread in Serbia without ajvar, sarma, Russian salad and something sweet, for example Vasa’s cake; without those wonderful dishes that have for decades provided us with comfort, brought us joy and helped spice up grey, cold days

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade

Surrounded by the Sculpture Park, this modernist oasis at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers with its intriguing exterior and inner flow of exhibition levels never ceases to amaze visitors and passers-by. The building, all in glass and marble, with six domes cut corners, brought the October Award of Belgrade to its designers.

Traditional gastronomy of Western Serbia

Western Serbia represents one of the regions that’s able to boast of having typically Serbian specialties. Exactly the way they used to be prepared in bygone times. But regardless of how much you focus on the wonderful culinary delights of this region, don’t miss out on the chance to also explore its historical, cultural and natural beauty.