Cultural Center of Balkans

About us




Balkan Cultural Center (BKC) is engaged in all aspects of culture. The BKC desires to bring together under its roof all the existing cultural centers in the region, which would enhance cross-cultural collaboration, citizens’ awareness about organization all kinds of cultural events, as well as more attendance at their events than the cultural centers could bring themselves. One of the most important projects of the Centre is promotion of the rich traditions of the Balkans by linking cultural - artistic societies of all countries, their presentation and organization of the festival in the region; promotion of traditional crafts that are threatened of slowly disappearing; encouraging research on the customs and beliefs of the Balkan nations, so they remain noted forever. The field of Arts is presented in different forms - by exhibitions of paintings, sculptures, sculpted and other types of art crafts, as well as by visiting existing exhibitions; by promotion of various theater plays, ballet performances, dance festivals, opera and concerts. All information on music events in the region are available at the Center, as well as on film festivals - not only on already existing, but also on those provided by the Center due to promotion of the rich Balkan culture, as well as to promotion of other world cultures to the Balkans. One of the main areas of activity of the Center is the physical culture and sport - connecting of sporting institutions, associations, societies, clubs, tracking sports events and participation in them all over the Balkans.


Language and literature are very important and rich aspects of the Balkan culture. Besides, the language may be one of the potential problems in bringing together the nations of the Balkans. For this reason, the Center organized classes for all Balkan languages, as well as the classes of Serbian language for foreigners. In addition to these classes, for foreigners is also available variety of workshops and courses to ease their life in Belgrade. The teachers of Balkan languages in the Center also provide translation services. One of the major projects planned by the BKC is to translate work of great Balkan writers into Balkan and other foreign languages. Balkan Cultural Center owns a library, so its members have the option of renting books in all Balkan languages. Except for the books, the library is provided by magazines, newspapers, music and movies, as well as picture books and children's books for the youngest members.  Publishing activities of the Centre is extremely important, because it encourages more research and writing on various topics related to the Balkans and the issuance of other works available to the citizens of this region. The Center publishes its newsletters, magazines and brochures in order to inform the public and its members better. One of the upcoming projects is organizing the Fair of Balkan books. In order to promote literature as a form of culture, the Centre also organizes book promotions, book club, poetry club and literary events.




The role of the cultural centers in creating better diplomatic relations is undeniable - so this is, also, one of the Balkan Cultural Center’s missions, because there is no successful diplomatic cooperation without knowing and respect to the culture. One of the projects is gathering of foreigners living in Belgrade, in order of introduction and connecting them, which provides them a possibility of exchanging experiences, creating business relationships and friendships. Aside from the classes of Serbian language and various workshops, to the foreigners are available books and magazines in their native language and offered different tourist trips and tours depending on the area of ​​interest. The promotion of every Balkan country is organized in the annual program of the Center - during this event, each and every country is observed from different aspects, presented in an interesting way and promoted in accordance with its traditional and cultural aspirations. The plan is to organize the project "Seasons of the Balkans" in which will be implemented touristic projects and various events in the Balkan countries thematically for the period of three months. In this way, the Centre wants to encourage people to travel and use all the benefits that Balkans has to offer, of which many are still unknown. 


Balkan Cultural Center pays great attention to awareness and improving the knowledge of young people and adults. The Center is dedicated to connecting and gathering of experts and scientists from all over the Balkans and tends to increase their circle by holding symposiums and congresses where they can meet and share knowledge from their researches and experiences from their practice. In addition, the Centre organizes various workshops, roundtables, projects and researches, creative school, professional trainings, internships, as well as volunteering of students. Special attention is dedicated to the professional development of the Center’s coworkers - short courses or lectures are held at least once a month to improve service in every aspect and expand the knowledge of expert collaborators. One of the future projects is to create entertaining corner for the youngest members of the Centre, where the latest methods of functional learning are going to be implemented and showed that the current reproductive learning is less effective - the children will be the educate, brought up and socialized through "fun" in this corner. 


The main aspect of the Center’s tourism activities is exploring of unknown Balkan destinations, promoting ethnic villages and river tourism, organizing tours of Belgrade and Serbia for foreigners and tourists, as well as the promotion of already discovered and famous tourist sites. The Center itself is trying to organize travels and trips that are specific (bypassing the underground city, archaeological destinations, etc.), with specific theme (Balkan museums tour, the fortresses of the Balkans, etc.) or with some other cultural purpose than tourism (such as trips to sporting events, music festivals, etc.). In the other, specifically touristic trips, the BKC aims to bring together under its umbrella Balkan travel agencies, so the Center could be always able to inform its members and other interested parties about the best and most interesting deals. 


Besides to the already mentioned projects, Balkan Cultural Center is also engaged in the realization of following:

  • Connecting business women of the Balkans
  • Connecting and exchange of  students
  • Connecting and exchange of pupils and high school students
  • Social inclusion
  • Creating the ethno-net of the Balkans
  • Contributing to the economic development of the Balkans
  • Contributing to the ecology development of the Balkan
  • Helping in informing of the diasporas
  • Development and sharing of experiences in the field of history, psychology, archeology, etc.