Cultural Center of Balkans

About us

Services and membership

Services that BKC provides to organizations, institutions and companies - as its members are numerous. Other than those covered by the monthly fee, there are some that are subsequently charged due to the inability to cover their costs within the membership fees. Of course if there is a need to provide a new service to members, BKC is always ready for compromise and negotiation.

If an institution is not a member, the available services are listed in the second part, but they will not have the right for member discounts.

When it comes to individual members, their membership is annual and includes the ability to use

the library of the Centre, to obtain information about cultural events, as well as the discount on other Centre activities (lessons, tickets, publications, etc.) depending on their membership status.

BASIC SERVICES (includes membership fee):

• Free advertizing- on our webpage (logo, direct coupling to the official page etc...) in our
magazine (logo, free advertising solution), at the events of our organization (advertising
and other required material)

• Discount on all our services (reduced costs of admission and enrollment, foreign language courses, our publications, translation services, the organization of all kinds of events, etc...)

• Usage of the library on Balkan languages

• Ability of obtaining information on all cultural events

• Ability of obtaining our services

• Ability of organizing the desired events

• Connecting with similar organizations in the country and within the region

• Informing the interested ones about the organizations events- or members event which
will increase the number of visitors

• Organizing Serbian classes for foreigners working in the country, and the ability of
discounts (embassy)

• Facilitating volunteer work (students) obtaining recommendations upon completion of
volunteering (colleges)

• Accessibility to all types of information relating to culture

• Obtaining free magazine copies



OTHER SERVICES (not included in membership dues):

• Organization and holding of Balkan languages classes

• Translation from Balkan languages

• Participation, entrance and purchase of books at the Balkan Fair

• The ability of publishing papers and books related to this topic

• Organization of literary events

• Access to the book club

• Organization of film nights

• Organization of musical, arts and sports events

• Organization scientific conferences, congress and symposia

• Organization of forums from various areas

• Organization of creative (school) workshops

• Organization of vocational training

• Organization of various projects with the possibility of taking volunteers

• Organized, group trips to different music, film, art, science, education, tourism events

• Organization of guided tours of cities and countries in the Balkans

• Organization of guided tours of Belgrade and Serbia for foreigners

• Organization of entertainment and educational corner for the youngest members

• Organization of different types of events for our members that are not covered by the
membership fees

• Organization of monthly events that represent the Balkan countries

• Program organization to promote other countries and their cultures