Cultural Center of Balkans

About us


The main goal of the Balkan cultural center is the development and promotion of the Balkan culture and different cultures in general. According to that, the Center organizes various cultural events to present and promote the countries within the region, but also other countries of the world. It is believed that the introduction of different world cultures is of great importance for the improvement of international relations and cultural awareness. Moreover, connection and understanding of the people and nations of the Balkans, their culture, language and traditions are the main focus of BKC, along with the great contribution to the development of diplomacy in this region. Through the networking of organizations and institutions from various Balkan countries with the same or similar activities, the Center seeks to enhance business cooperation and development in these countries, which will reflect its economic contribution.

Vision of BKC as an organization is to particularly get recognized and acknowledged by individuals, institutions and organizations as a reliable guide and partner in solving problems and open issues regarding the development and improvement in the field of general culture and the culture of the Balkans, but also to be respected by public institutions when considering initiatives, economic policies and regulations, programs and projects in the field of culture. In addition, the Center always strives to be the initiator of new ideas and the creator of modern solutions in this field.

BKC recognized its mission by the promotion of the idea of cultural development at all levels - by providing organizational, logistical, technical, infrastructural, institutional, technical, information and other assistance and support for the continued development and promotion of culture. In addition, assistance in the transfer of modern European and world knowledge in the field of culture in the Republic of Serbia and other countries of the Balkans, but also to create the conditions for networking and exchange of experience in the field of culture with other international organizations and countries.

As special goals, BKC has set organizing and visiting events in the field of culture, including literature, foreign (Balkan) languages, music, art, film, sports, tourism, science and other related fields. In addition to that, BKS also provides promotion of traditional crafts, ethnic village and less known touristic destinations on the Balkans, as well as different traditions and folklore. Creating opportunities for education of the Balkan ethnic network, connection of Balkan’s business women, students, as well as the opportunity for youth to volunteer during the implementation of various projects with the aim towards their education and work experience. BKC with its activities contributes to the development of Balkan publishing in the form of publishing magazines, as well as individual works that deal with themes related to the Balkans from different aspects, translating works from Balkan languages to languages ​​of the world, but also including the world- famous works of the Balkans, providing literature on all Balkan languages. The highlight of this activity is reflected in the organization of trade fairs - including the Fair of Balkan books, as well as the implementation of research of language and etymological. Organizing congresses and symposia, BKC is trying to create the conditions for connecting the Balkans experts from different fields in order to analyze and compare knowledge of history, psychology, archeology and other disciplines already mentioned.