Cultural Center of Balkans



The Republic of Bulgaria is situated in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula and faces the Black Sea. In the north it borders with Romania, in the west with countries of the former Yugoslavia and in the south with Greece and Turkey.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a country in Southeastern Europe in the west Balkans. Bordered by Croatia, Serbia to the east, and Montenegro.


Athens, the capital of Greece with population of over 3 million people, is recognizable by its widely visible symbol of the Acropolis, the notion of classical Greece. Athens is its economic, political and cultural center located on the Attica peninsula. This is city of contradictions: on one hand, the chaos in the traffic jams daily, on the other, magnificent testimonies of antiquity. Its ports are famous since antiquity: Piraeus, as trade, and Faleron, as military port.


The Republic of Albania is a small mountainous country in the Eastern Mediterranean. The nearest neighbors are Serbia and FYROM. Its west coast is on the Adriatic Sea...